Why is there porn and anime in the Metis tag?

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Regarding Warbonnets


I am so fucking sick of some people being like ‘I’m native american and i’m not offended’. Just because your tribe doesn’t use warbonnets or you don’t understand the sacredness behind it, does not give you the fucking RIGHT to throw other tribes under the bus. 

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First Nations teen told not to smudge before school - Aboriginal - CBC


Shame on this fucking school. Wow. I bet they’ve got classes full of kids who smoke at lunch or wear Axe bodyspray, but don’t you ever dare let a Native youth observe traditional practices as a healthy and healing way to work through what’s likely unbearable grief. 

I sure am proud of this young man and I hope this doesn’t wear him down like it’s obviously intended to. 

PS This is why all those “OMG CANADA BEST NICEST COUNTRY EVERYWHERE THEY SAY SORRY ALL THE TIME” posts going around on tumblr need to fuck right off.

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I love you like a semicolon; a half-pause in a torrent of thought during which life stutters into being. I want to take you in the breathless spaces between ellipses where passion builds and shudders into a trailing afterthought. Ophaelia Automn (via un-gendered)

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'I can smell him on you' NO JAVIK yeah he probably does XD

Javik is just like

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LOL omg Javik you bully

And with my Shep he just states “You are mated with the Turian, I can smell him on you.” Like, okay?  Creepy much? (not really just wow tact)

I swear Javik shows affection by threatening to throw people out the airlock…

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So my spouse is playing ME and she’s talking to Javik when he just randomly tells her to seek a mate elsewhere and we’re just staring at him like, Jeez Javik, tact much?

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